We have relaunched Assembly Line Studios in the gorgeous hill country of Austin, Texas. We are so happy happy joy joy, to celebrate we are giving away the theeeeengs below.

To enter, get your neural system working and have your click finger press a button. It’s that’s easy. We will track your entries, nothing to fill out, nothing to do but share!

Here's what you can win:



Have a track produced by multiplatinum awarded producer/engineer Kevin ‘131’ Gutierrez. Should take about 3 studio days (value $3,000). Two days tracking, one day mix.



Have a track that you have done elsewhere (or you have tracked professionally at home) mixed by Kevin. May have some tech stuff to work out to make sure it’s to Kevin’s pro level standards, but we can chat and get it there. One studio day (value $1,000)



Not in Austin or not in a band? Guitar Center gift cards, $100 (value, $100 duh) If you are not in Austin, or unable to track here, we hope you will share away and we will connect with people anyway! Keeping in the music vein, we have some Guitar Center cards to gift away this year.

Here's all you need to do to enter:

ONE ENTRY: Share our link, like and follow us from the most recent promotion on our Facebook page.

TWO ENTRIES: Your friends share your link.

THREE ENTRIES: Visit the studio.

Click our Contact Page or give us a call and set up a time to visit. We’d love to meet you, getting people here is what this is all about (we are friendly, cool people, honest). Best of all, more entries means triple the chance win something.

Nothing to fill out, no info needed. To keep it as easy as we could for you, we will track your clicks online. Trust us, we will get em all! You can stack up as many entries you like, add in a visit and you will rack ’em up. Cheers!

While you're here, check out our studio!