Texas Mist


The band selected will get one song produced by Kevin at Assembly Line Studios. Having one song done will be (give or take) 2 days tracking, 1 day mix. Whatever the case, we will make it rule!

  1. Bands should submit their material to Jim Ostrander at Texas Mist Club or Kevin Gutierrez at Assembly Line Studios (Kevin@assemblylinestudios.com).  Be sure to include ONE band contact with email and phone number.
  2. Showcase will be FRIDAY JUNE 8th and SATURDAY JUNE 9th, 2018. If selected to play, you will be notified by first week of May. If you are unable to play or do not respond, alternate band(s) will be selected.
  3. Each band will be assigned date to play chosen at random before the event so you can know which date to book.  Each time slot will also be chosen at random, but will be assigned by random drawing (most likely date of the event, but with enough time so you can post so people can come see you).  Maybe we will make you roll dice for it, or play competitive rock paper scissors. Time slots will be 30 minutes, plenty of time to kill it, but not so long to lose people’s interest. If you are unable to make the event, or do not show for your time slot, your set will be forfeited and will likely cause karmic random violence to band members, also you are going to piss off the club, don’t do it. ☺    Bands will start at 8:30pm.   There will be a mandatory meeting of all bands at 7:45pm to 8pm (more on this later) so we can all be on the same page and kill it.
  4. This may sound obvious, but we are putting it here anyway… there is no “preselected” winner. This ain’t the WWE, this is event is not fixed. Stone Cold Steve Austin will not run out to hit you in the head with a chair, nor will any bias be shown for bands, whether you have played at Texas Mist before or not.
  5. There will be a pop quiz on all the following! Maybe. Make sure to read it all. Band will be looked at for total package. For Kevin to take on a band, he will be considering everything, not only stage presence and quality of music. Below are some of the things Jim and Kevin will talk about. Consider some these helpful hints and a “cheat sheet.” Some of these sound like no brainers, but you would be surprised at how few bands nail all of these:
    1. Professionalism: Was there overall ease and of communication through email, phone calls or text? Do your recorded tracks sound pro? Does your website, layout, pictures look pro? Do your pictures and dress look like a band or just 4 random people standing in the woods in your friend’s backyard?
    2. Social media: Did every member use everything you have to your advantage? Posting on your website, posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, inviting friends. Posting frequently, sponsoring posts? Jim and Kevin will be looking to see who is out to promote the show, the event, the studio and most importantly themselves.
    3. The Adversary! Bands and venues sometimes seem like adversaries. Kevin says he looks for bands that would get along well with any club/club owner in the country (or overseas) and looks out for the club’s needs as well as their own. Clubs need bands, bands need clubs. Bands that balance this have a shot at touring with nationals, or becoming nationals themselves.
    4. Smells like Team Spirit: Do you stick around to see other bands? Help promote each other and the scene as a whole? When one band does well, we all do. Did you ask your fans to stick around more than just your set (and did they?) No one expects a fan to sit through 5 hours of bands they didn’t come to see, but people who come and leave after a half hour do the scene no good.
    5. Fan base: How many people showed up for you? Did they contribute to the scene? Would they contribute to a scene outside of this area? Did the people who show up buy any merch, did they at least buy a beer (or six) at the bar and tip the people who work for tips?
    6. The (sometimes not so) obvious stuff: Did you arrive on time? Did you get on and off stage on time? Do you look like a band or just show up in what you had on that day? There is a reason touring bands have stage gear! If Kerry King from Slayer coordinates clothes with his band mates, so can you! Did you play tight, have energy? Is your band something that a listener outside of Austin may want to hear? Do you have music and a show that is not straight carbon copies of bands that already exist?

We all hope to have fun, see some cool bands over a couple nights! It may be to be selected, but bring along your vibe of supporting the scene and joining together!