ASSEMBLY LINE STUDIOS offers full mixing services whether you are in state, across the country, overseas or out of this universe (rocket ship delivery fees may apply).

MULTI-PLATINUM AWARDED Kevin “131” Gutierrez will be mixing for you.  Can’t get that with some internet click and point site! 

Feel free to take a look around the website, the studio, credit and client list and contact us so we can chat together about your project.

We are a cut above the rest out there and will work with you to get your mixes sounding killer. No need to keep clicking away, give us a call or send a message. 

Here's what to do

Many places that offer remote mixing shuffle you through their cattle herding process just to make a profit.  By now you have seen plenty of “mix your song for $150” places.   Really? That’s like saying “we will build your custom home for $1,500.”    Beware… you will get what you pay for… or DON’T pay for.

Does a song that is 120 tracks of vocals, guitars, drums, bass, strings take the same amount of time/budget to mix as a song that is solo piano/vocal? Of course not.   You may or may not know who even mixes your track.   With us, multi-platinum awarded Kevin “131” Gutierrez will talk to you personally, help you stay in a budget that works and makes sense.  He will be at the helm and you will NOT get shuffled off to an intern trying to learn how to mix at the expense of your tracks. Sound familiar?

We look forward to hearing from you… CHEERS!